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When applying for a grant or loan for an individual, please download the application form (in either---.doc or ---.pdf format) and fill in, preferably by computer.  Please do not change any headings or content.  Please be sure to indicate the dollar amount of the Grant and/or Loan you are requesting, and attach a CV to the form if you have one.  Please send in your application for a grant or loan by email.  If you are applying for a Loan, also send in the filled in application form with the original signed Loan Agreement required for the loan application by regular US Mail.  The email and US Mail addresses are noted below.

Applications are considered at Board Meetings in January, April, July and October.  The application should be in the hands of the Foundation for review by the end of the month preceding the Board meeting. 

When applying for a grant for an institution, please send a letter, signed by the Executive Director (or equivalent) stating: (i) the amount requested, (ii) the specific project or item to be funded, (iii) an explanation of how the request will support your program, and (iv) a brief summary of the objectives, history and achievements of your organization.   Please send the request letter by email.  If this is not possible, the US Mail addresses for the Foundation are noted below.

Please send grant applications by email to: .  Please scan handwritten forms.  If you must mail a handwritten form, please send us an email to advising that you are doing so.   


Loan applications (which include a signed original Loan Agreement and are otherwise identical to the grant application) should also be sent in by email.  In addition, a hardcopy of the original loan application with the signed Loan Agreement should be sent in by regular US Mail to: Mount Olivet Foundation, 1500 N Glebe Rd, Arlington, VA, 22207.


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