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The Mount Olivet Foundation is located in Arlington VA.  The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1967.  The Foundation offers grants and low interest loans to undergraduate and graduate students.  On occasion it seeks out and provides support to select community organizations with grants for a specific project or task.

The Foundation maintains a careful stewardship of the financial resources entrusted to it.  You are encouraged to make a donation to the Foundation through gifts (using this website if you wish) and/or legacies by deed, will and otherwise, to support its social and educational objectives. 


The Foundation Board in July 2019 is shown above.  Officers  include: Jim Dake, President; Dotty Dake and Cynthia Nelson, Co-Secretaries; Chang Ellison, Controller;  Rick Ritter, Treasurer;  and Wayne Wittig, Asst. Treasurer.  Committee chairs include:  Charlie Mullin, Investments; David Lyles, Grants; Elizabeth Wray and Cynthia Nelson, Loans; Cheryl Moore, Development.  Other members include: Kathie Bailey, Mary Bell, Amy Carter, Jim Coates, Tad Davis, David Early, Pam Girardo, Taylor Heim, Rachel Hensler, Laura Jensen, Ted Johnson, Lucinda Maine, and Steven Meek .

For more information on our activities than is available on this website, please use the Contact  page.